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Hello! I am web and entertainment enthusiast based in Sombor, Serbia.


I like to design beautiful & unique websites and user interfaces using accessibility and usability guidelines for rich user experience.


I'm available for work, at the moment.

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1982 album cover.
Album Cover of "1982"

On Album and The Dream.

It has been so long since this has been cooking. What started as an experiment, a long time ago, finally got its form and focus.

Pro bono? 😮


How & why? 🤔

I am learning new things like Gatsbyjs, React (not gonna happen), graphQL, JAMstack, etc. and would love to help someone help me. 😀

Apart from usual Lorem Ipsum stuff, creator of these zeroes and ones is struggling to get grips on React, graphQL, Gatsby and all other mumbo-jumbo.